HackRPI - the 5th annual hackathon at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

HackRPI 2019 is the fifth annual intercollegiate hackathon hosted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, completely organized and run by RPI students.


Looking to inspire and challenge innovators, developers, creators, and entrepreneurs in New York's Tech Valley and beyond, HackRPI’s 5th annual 24-hour hackathon will help attendees develop their skills, explore new technologies, and turn their curiosities and visions into opportunities.


But wait, there's more!

  • Food - Don't worry, it's on us! The HackRPI team will provide the endless sustinence to fuel your ideas. 
  • Sponsors - You've got support!  Professionals from the industry will be there with swag and mentorship. They're excited to see what you create.
  • Prizes - Oh yeah, we got 'em! Compete for awesome prizes, hand-picked by the HackRPI team and sponsors. 
  • Hacks - Build an awesome project from scratch with the help of engineers and mentors. Build your resume and bring your idea to life! 


This Year's Themes

Staying true to our mantra "why not change the world?", we're excited to introduce special tracks in Environmental Awareness and SustainabilityData Privacy, and Accessibility in Education to tackle current problems in tech facing our world today.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Create an idea that tackles the drastically changing climate due to factors such as global warming. They can create a project that advocates for protection and sustainability to the world. This can also include the use of data and data visualization.

Data Privacy

Create an innovative privacy solution that improves the privacy of the user or raises awareness and helps users understand the privacy implications of actions while using technology.

Accessibility in Education

Create an idea that improves the way education is accessed in some way. Recognizing the moral obligation to build a more conducive and inclusive education system will, in turn, create an ecosystem of a well-educated, skilled workforce that can build and grow companies and contribute to a better tech future.

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If you a High School or University Student over the age of 13, you are eligible to attend HackRPI.

If you attended and hacked at HackRPI, you are eligible to make a submission.

Teams cannot be larger than 4 people to qualify for HackRPI's prizes.  

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How original is your hack? Is this a novel idea or something that many people came across?
  • Practical and Useful
    What problem that you want to solve? How applicable is your hack to problems we're facing today?
  • Technical Difficulty
    How technically challenging is it? Which technologies did you use?
  • User Experience
    What impression do you get from the hack? Does it provide for a smooth user experience?
  • Future Plans
    Does it have ways it can be improved upon for the future?